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The 5th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, Control and Robotics (EECR)

News of EECR

2018-10-30, News! EECR 2019 paper submission deadline extended to Nov. 25th, 2018.

2018-08-20, News! Many thanks for the support from School of Automation Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. (click)

2018-08-20, News! Welcome Prof. Quang Ha from University of Technology Sydney, Australia to deliver a plenary speech.
EECR2019很荣幸邀请到悉尼科技大学Quang Ha教授发表邀请报告。

2018-07-18, News! EECR 2019 listed in MATEC Web of Conferences Proceedings (ISSN: 2261-236X) forthcoming event. (click)
会议进入MATEC Web of Conferences Proceedings会议列表,并于会后提交送检EI核心和SCOPUS

2018-07-13, News! Welcome Prof. Jinlong Lin from Peking University, China and Dr. Eric Chen, Director, Uber, USA to join the committee.
EECR2019很荣幸邀请到北京大学软件与微电子学院林金龙教授Uber总监Eric Chen博士加入组委会。

2018-06-19, News! Welcome Prof. Chenguang Yang, School of Automation Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology to deliver Keynote Speech at EECR 2019.

2018-06-15, News! Welcome Prof. Alvin Y. Chua from De La Salle University, Philippines to deliver a Plenary Speech at EECR 2019.
EECR2019很荣幸邀请到德拉萨大学Alvin Y. Chua教授参会发表演讲。

2018-06-01, News! Welcome Prof. May Huang from International Technological University, USA and Prof. Chun-Yi Su from Concordia University, Canada to serve as Conference Chairs of EECR 2019.
EECR2019很荣幸邀请到美国加州科技大学May Huang教授和加拿大肯高迪亚大学苏春翌教授共同担任大会主席一职。

2018-05-24, Good News! EECR 2018 proceedings indexed by EI Compendex and SCOPUS. (click)

2018-05-21, News! EECR 2019 will be held in Xihu Hotel of SCUT, Guangzhou, China, during January 12-14, 2019.

2018-04-09, Good News! EECR 2018 proceedings published by MATEC Web of Conferences Proceedings (ISSN: 2261-236X) Vol. 160 (2018) has been online. (check)

2018-01-31, News! Thanks for support from Sichuan Institute of Electronics. (check)

2018-01-15, News! EECR 2018 was successfully held in Chengdu, China during Jan. 12-14. Thanks for participation. (check)

2017-08-24, News! EECR 2018 was listed in Sciencemeeting online. (check)

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